Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 19 - Day 50

Today was the last day of Aidan's first set of swim lessons at the Y. The final day, kids get to head down the waterslide. Dan put Aidan on his lap but they got going just a little too fast at the last turn. Both ended up under water. We asked Aidan if he wanted to go one more time and he promptly said, "No."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 18 - Day 49

Today we took the kids to an Earth Cache down by the river. It was educational and I had fun teaching them about the formation of the rocks and the river, as well as the early history of Indian camps here. We tallied 9 geocaches today.

February 17 - Day 48

Another day of caching. Aidan's holding our cache kit, complete with trackables, pens, paper, and ziploc bags. He loves "treasure hunting."

We also saw the aftermath of an accident today. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured. The garbage truck one this round.

February 16 - Day 47

While Ian was at school today, we took Aidan out for some geocaching. We've missed caching and were happy to find their were some new hides near our home. This is a photo of Aidan holding the first find of the day. 

About an hour into our quest, Ian's school called and reported Ian had plugged his right ear full of Play-Doh. 
Off to urgent care we went to get it removed!

February 15 - Day 46

Our new bed. We got rid of our old Sleep Number Bed after 7 years and finally decided on a Pedic Solutions foam mattress from QVC. We were hesitant and waited about 3 weeks before going for it. Today, it arrived. It took a couple hours to completely expand. I'd hate to think how the heck we'd return it if we end up not liking it! We'll see how it goes.

February 14 - Day 45

It's Valentine's Day. Dan and I celebrated early by going out to dinner last Friday. We knew today he'd have to work and Ian had swim therapy.

Today, Ian volunteered to be the "target" while his therapy buddy (another little boy) tossed inflatable beach balls to him, trying to make it through the hoop. Ian loved it and giggled constantly. I am loving how much he is loving the water and how he really tries hard to socially connect with the other little boy. His progress is just amazing. 

February 13 - Day 44

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and that means 3 parties at the kids' school. Two for Ian and one for Aidan. The boys helped make more than 30 dipped marshmallows for Valentine treats. We got the idea from Our Best Bites and sort of used whatever we had as chocolate and topping. I did buy the special chocolate swirl marshmallows, as well as the strawberry marshmallows. We melted 3 kinds of dip - semi sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and a pink candy melt that had a vanilla flavoring. For toppings we used crushed graham crackers, crushed Oreo cookies, mini dark chocolate chips, candy sugar sprinkles, and chopped up conversation heart candies.

Ian had the most fun dipping while Aidan was mostly interested in just eating the chocolate chips :)